About Me

Neal Smead is a University of Texas at Austin graduate and FedEx sales representative from Williamson County. He was born in Round Rock in 1988. Raised in a close-knit family of five with two siblings, he remains settled in the city today.

Smead enjoys a long history of success in sales, joining the FedEx Corporation in early 2020. Outside his work, he regularly participates in numerous hobbies and other interests, including cooking, football, and listening to classical music.

Current Role & Duties

Smead works in sales at the FedEx Corporation. He joined the multinational conglomerate's team as a sales representative in 2020. Since then, he has earned a reputation as a high-performing part of the company's regional sales team operating across central and southernmost Texas.

As a FedEx sales representative, he is responsible for establishing and developing customer relationships. Other tasks performed by the Williamson County native include presenting, promoting, and directly selling FedEx products and services in-person and remotely.

He is also responsible for performing cost-benefit and needs analyses for existing clients.

Career History

Before joining FedEx, Neal Smead worked for his family's printing business. Overseeing a small sales team, he helped to quadruple the company's turnover during his time on the payroll. Handing over the reins to his younger brother, the company remains successful, with Smead still involved on an informal consultancy basis.

As a University of Texas at Austin student, the keen, self-taught cook worked in several hotel and restaurant kitchens across the city and elsewhere in Travis County. Starting as a kitchen porter, he eventually worked his way up to a sous chef role under the executive chef at one of the city's most popular independent eateries.

After graduating, he joined a since-dissolved nonprofit organization as a junior sales representative. The charity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, focused on fundraising for research into childhood cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.

Academic History

From an early age, Neal Smead was recognized by his teachers as a bright student who excelled in school. He was an honor roll student throughout high school and was subsequently accepted into his preferred college upon graduation. During his college years, he was an active member of the student council and the debate team.

Smead is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. It's from here that he holds a pair of degrees in marketing and management. Founded in 1883 and spread across a 430-acre campus, it is one of the country's largest schools. One of its 13 separate colleges is the McCombs School of Business and its Department of Marketing, where Smead studied.

He has also completed Sobel University's Online Sales Certification Program. Sobel University is a subsidiary of Sobel & Associates, a leader in retail sales, marketing, and training for over two decades. Alongside the likes of Smead, Sobel University has successfully trained and certified more than 60,000 salespeople and managers.

Professional Experience

Smead boasts a broad range of hands-on professional experience. Centered primarily around sales and marketing, he has enjoyed significant success during his career. That includes turning around the fortunes of his family's small business and working his way up the ranks at FedEx.

As a nonprofit employee, he earned numerous awards for his fundraising efforts. These awards include several instances of Employee of the Month recognition. He also collected various accolades for leading the organization's fundraising efforts during the festive season and other holidays.

A passionate home cook, he remains well-versed in various kitchen-focused skills following his time in hospitality.

Professional Skills

During his years of work both in sales and elsewhere, Neal Smead has developed an impressive roster of professional talents. Highlights include:

  • Impressive leadership capacity

  • Award-winning sales abilities

  • Excellent teamwork skills

  • Talented communicator

  • Hospitality knowledge

  • Adept at problem-solving

  • Outstanding time management

  • Attention to detail

  • Highly creative


Already during his time at FedEx, Smead has earned a number of prestigious awards from the corporation. These include its Five Star and Bravo Zulu awards.

The FedEx Five Star award recognizes those who have enhanced customer service and exemplified the spirit of teamwork. Smead was nominated for his FedEx Five Star award by his manager. It represents an annual piece of recognition seen as the highest honor for sales team members within the FedEx Corporation.

Meanwhile, Smead's Bravo Zulu award recognizes his outstanding performance, above and beyond normal expectations, within the corporation. His Bravo Zulu achievement was acknowledged with theater tickets and a dinner gift certificate. Elsewhere, and in previous roles, he has been named Employee of the Month numerous times.

Charitable Involvement

Smead has spent considerable time and funds working for and personally supporting several charities, nonprofits, and other good causes. That is true of both his time in full-time work and during his university studies. Good causes backed by the talented salesman include Feeding America, United Way Worldwide, the American National Red Cross, and the American Heart Association.

He is also focused on supporting an ever-growing number of food banks and homeless charities. That includes several in his home city of Round Rock, across Williamson County, and others throughout the Lone Star State.

Personal Interests

Neal Smead's parents are lifelong members of their local church, as is he, raised with his brother and sister as a part of its congregation. He has remained closely involved with the church throughout his life and is committed to exploring ways he and his family can continually support the local community.

The successful FedEx sales representative enjoys various hobbies and other interests. These interests include playing and watching sports, cooking, and listening to music. He is particularly passionate about football and baseball. As a cook, his favorite cuisine is Italian, while his musical preference is chiefly for classical pieces.

In addition to his professional success, Smead also found personal success when, in 2016, he met his fiance, Donna. The couple lives together in Round Rock with their young son and four cross-breed dogs. Neal and Donna plan to marry in the near future.


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